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My Dad (1922)

My Dad (1922)
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Like many an aspiring star before him, canine actor Rin Tin Tin freelanced for various studios, playing supporting roles before landing a contract with one of the majors. Rin Tin Tin performed in this undistinguished Northwoods drama from F.B.O. the year before he (or, rather, his trainer, Lee Duncan) signed a contract with Warner Brothers. Rinty, as he was fondly known by his co-workers, can be seen attacking a pair of thugs who are after the hero, Tom O'Day (Johnny Walker). Tom's father, Barry (Wilbur Higby), lives at a lonely trading post up north and is constantly in fear the post's factor (Harry Von Meter), who has threatened to turn him in to the Mounted Police for a murder committed many years before. Tom loves the factor's ward, Dawn (Ruth Clifford), but the factor does everything he can to keep the young couple apart. After overhearing a conversation, Tom does some research and discovers that it was the factor, not his father, who committed the murder. Justice is duly served, and Tom and Dawn are finally free to be together.
My Dad, 1922, Clifford Smith, Johnnie Walker, Wilbur Higby, Mary Redmond, Ruth Clifford, Les Bates, Harry von Meter, Rin Tin Tin, silent film, animal film, dog
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