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Falling Hare (1943)

Falling Hare (1943)
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Falling Hare is a 1943 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Robert Clampett, starring Bugs Bunny. The title is a play on words; "falling hair" refers to impending baldness, while in this cartoon's climax the title turns out to be descriptive of Bugs' situation (a hare falling / crashing to earth). Recorded on September 27, 1943.

Bugs encounters wartime sabotage and takes to the air to do battle.

Relaxing with a carrot at an army air field, Bugs is reading "Victory Through Hare Power," and scoffs at the notion of "gremlins," little creatures who wreak havoc on planes with their "dia-bo-lickal sabo-tay-gee." His reading is interrupted by a clanging sound, and it turns out to be a little wing-headed being pounding on a bockbuster bomb with a mallet.
Falling Hare, 1943, Robert Clampett, Mel Blanc, Leon Schlesinger Studios, Merrie Melodies, Merrie Melodie Cartoon, animation, Bugs Bunny, animal film, rabbit
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