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The Lone Ranger (1938)

The Lone Ranger (1938)
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The Lone Ranger is a 1938 American Republic Movie serial. It was the ninth of the sixty-six serials produced by Republic, the fourth western (a third of Republic's serials were westerns) and the first of 1938. The serial was unseen for a long time after its original release but an authentic re-creation was assembled and released in DVD form in 2009 using sound and picture elements from existing foreign versions by Eric Stedman of the Serial Squadron, an organization which restores classic cliffhanger serials.
The Lone Ranger, 1938, John English, William Witney, Silver King the Horse, Chief Thundercloud, Chief Thunder-Cloud, Lynne Roberts, Lynn Roberts, Stanley Andrews, George Cleveland, William Farnum, Hal Taliaferro, Bruce Bennett, Herman Brix, Lee Powell, Lane Chandler, George Montgomery, George Letz, John Merton, Sammy McKim, Tom London, Ray Bennett, Raphael Bennet, animal film, horse, Episode 1: Heigh Yo, Silver!
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