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Mousehunt (1997)

Mousehunt (1997)
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MouseHunt is a 1997 American slapstick comedy film, directed by Gore Verbinski, written by Adam Rifkin and starring Nathan Lane and Lee Evans. It was the first family film to be released by DreamWorks. The film was shot just prior to William Hickey's death.

Two stumblebum inheritors are determined to rid their antique house of a mouse who is equally determined to stay where he is.

Mousehunt, 1997, Gore Verbinski, Nathan Lane, Lee Evans, Vicki Lewis, Maury Chaykin, Eric Christmas, Michael Jeter, Debra Christofferson, Camilla Søeberg, Camilla Soeberg, Ian Abercrombie, Annabelle Gurwitch, Eric Poppick, Ernie Sabella, William Hickey, Christopher Walken, Cliff Emmich, animal film, mouse
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