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Gordy 1 (1995)

Gordy 1 (Gordy) (1995)
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Gordy is a 1995 American family comedy-drama film about a piglet named Gordy who searches for his missing family (who are taken away to a slaughterhouse in Omaha). Gordy experiences the lives of others who are part of the film's side plots, including travelling country music singers Luke McAllister and his daughter Jinnie Sue; and lonely boy Hanky Royce whose mother is engaged to a sinister businessman, Gilbert Sipes. Gordy changes lives for the people he encounters due to their ability to understand him. The film was released to theaters on May 12, 1995. It was distributed by Miramax Family Films.

A talking pig named Gordy becomes involved in a quest to save his family from the slaughterhouse.

Gordy 1, Gordy, 1995, Mark Lewis, Kristy Young, Doug Stone, James Donadio, Tom Lester, Deborah Hobart, Ted Manson, Michael Roescher, Tom Key, Jon Kohler, Afemo Omilami, Louis Rukeyser, Dennis Letts, Toshio Ogawa, Kyle Weir, Sandra Dorsey, animal film, pig
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