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Gallant Bess (1946)

Gallant Bess (1946)
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Gallant Bess is a motion picture released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1946. It was loosely based on the true story of U.S. Navy Warrant Officer Arthur Parker's rescuing of an injured filly during World War II. Portions of the movie were filmed on the coast of Santa Barbara, California, in October 1945. This was the first MGM motion picture made in Cinecolor.

A young orphan farmboy has dreams of building a ranch with his horse Bess. But it's WWII, and he joins the navy and has to leave Bess behind. But while on patrol in the jungle, he finds a wounded horse to nurse back to health and to love. And in return, this new Bess not only becomes the unit mascot, but also saves the life of her master.
Gallant Bess, 1946, Andrew Marton, Marshall Thompson, George Tobias, Clem Bevans, Donald Curtis, Murray Alper, Wally Cassell, Jim Davis, Chill Wills, John Burford, Johnny Bond, Bess, Bess the Horse, animal film, horse
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