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O Quinto Macaco (1990)

O Quinto Macaco (The 5th Monkey) (1990)
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The 5th Monkey (1990) is a drama film starring Ben Kingsley. The film was directed and written by Eric Rochat; based on the novel Le Cinquieme Singe by Jacques Zibi. The original music score was composed by Robert O. Ragland.
O Quinto Macaco, The 5th Monkey, 1990, Éric Rochat, Ben Kingsley, Antonio Ameijeiras, André Barros, Catalina Bonakie, Milton Gonçalves, Ariel Coelho, Silvia De Carvalho, Vera Fischer, Thiago Justino, Carlos Kroeber, Procópio Mariano, Ruy Polanah, Bety Shumacher, Victor Villair, Paulo Villaça, Paulo Vinicius, Brook Williams, animal film, chimpanzee
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