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The Edge (1997)

The Edge (1997)
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The Edge is a 1997 survival and drama directed by Lee Tamahori, starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. Harold Perrineau and Elle Macpherson co-star. L. Q. Jones also has a supporting role as an innkeeper. Bart the Bear, a trained Kodiak Bear known for appearances in several Hollywood movies, appears as a vicious grizzly; this was one of his last film roles.
The Edge, 1997, Lee Tamahori, Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle Macpherson, Harold Perrineau, Bart the Bear, L.Q. Jones, Kathleen Wilhoite, David Lindstedt, Mark Kiely, Eli Gabay, Larry Musser, Brian Arnold, Bob Boyd, Kelsa Kinsly, Gordon Tootoosis, animal film, beast, bear
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