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A Dog of Flanders (1999)

A Dog of Flanders (1999)
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A Dog of Flanders is a 1999 film directed by Kevin Brodie. The screenplay was written by Brodie and Robert Singer, based on the novel of the same name by Ouida. The film was shot on location in Belgium. It was the fifth film based on the original novel.
A Dog of Flanders, 1999, Kevin Brodie, Jack Warden, Jeremy James Kissner, Jesse James, Jon Voight, Cheryl Ladd, Bruce McGill, Steven Hartley, Andrew Bicknell, Farren Monet Daniels, Farren Monet, Antje de Boeck, Antje De Boeck, Madylin Sweeten, Madyline Sweeten, Deborah Pollitt, Deborah Pollit, James Garde, Dirk Lavryssen, Dirk Lavrysen, Michel Vanderlinden, animal film, dog
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