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The Biscuit Eater (1972)

The Biscuit Eater (1972)
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The Biscuit Eater is a 1972 Walt Disney Productions film released by Buena Vista Distribution based on a novel by James H. Street. It is the last 'One Boy and his Animal' themed film made by Disney, as this subgenre would eventually grow out of fashion. The 1972 film is a remake of a 1940 film starring Billy Lee as Lonnie.
The Biscuit Eater, 1972, Vincent McEveety, Earl Holliman, Pat Crowley, Patricia Crowley, Lew Ayres, Godfrey Cambridge, Beah Richards, Clifton James, Johnny Whitaker, George Spell, Mantan Moreland, Forrest Burns, Golden Eddie, Dorothy Hack, Paul Bradley, Sam Edwards, Jack Manning, Walt Disney Productions, animal film, dog
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