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The Black Cat (1966)

The Black Cat (1966)
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The Black Cat is a 1966 US independent horror film made by Falcon International, loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe‘s short story, written and directed by Harold Hoffman. It stars Robert Frost, Robyn Baker, Sadie French, Scotty McKay, Bill Thurman (as a bartender) and was filmed in Texas.

A mentally unbalanced man is obsessed with the idea that a black cat is possessed. He tortures and kills it. Later, he comes to believe that the cat has returned from the dead to kill him.
The Black Cat, 1966, Harold Hoffman, Robert Frost, Robyn Baker, Sadie French, Scotty McKay, George Russell, George Edgley, Annabelle Weenick, Anne MacAdams, Jeff Alexander, Tommie Russell, Scott Shewmake, Bill Thurman, Nelson Spencer, animal film, cat, black cat
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