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Sssssss (1973)

Sssssss (SSSSnake) (1973)
Resolution: 1930x2916
Sssssss (released as Ssssnake in the UK) is a 1973 horror film starring Dirk Benedict, Heather Menzies (who was then best known from the film version of The Sound Of Music), Reb Brown, and Strother Martin. It was directed by Bernard L. Kowalski and written directly for the screen by Hal Dresner and Daniel C. Striepeke, the latter of whom also produced the film. The makeup effects were created by John Chambers and Nick Marcellino.

David, a college student, is looking for a job. He is hired by Dr. Stoner as a lab assistant for his research and experiments on snakes. David also begins to fall for Stoner's young daughter, Kristina. However, the good doctor has secretly brewed up a serum that can transform any man into a King Cobra snake-and he plans to use it on David.
Sssssss, SSSSnake, 1973, Bernard L. Kowalski, Strother Martin, Dirk Benedict, Heather Menzies, Richard B. Shull, Tim O'Connor, Jack Ging, Heather Menzies-Urich, Kathleen King, Reb Brown, Ted Grossman, Charles Seel, Ray Ballard, Brendan Burns, Rick Beckner, Jim Drum, James Drum, Ed McCready, animal film, monster, snake, cobra
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