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La notte degli squali (1988)

La notte degli squali (Night of the Sharks) (1988)
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La notte degli squali or Night of the Sharks is a 1988 Italian/Spanish/Mexican international co-production set in Miami and Cancún, Mexico but filmed in the Dominican Republic. It was directed and co-written by Tonino Ricci.

David must fight for his life against the gangsters who killed his brother for a CD filled with proof of their illegal activities. When David gets possession of the CD they go down to Mexico where David lives as a shark hunter. Who will get David first, the gangsters or the shark?
La notte degli squali, Night of the Sharks, 1988, Tonino Ricci, Treat Williams, Janet Agren, Antonio Fargas, Stelio Candelli, Egidio Termine, Christopher Connelly, John Steiner, Ivano Silvari, Ivano Silveri, Rinaldo Zamperla, Franco Ukmar, Ferdinando Tomassini, Nina Soldano, Salvatore Borghese, Carlo Mucari, Charles Mucary, animal film, monster, shark, Italian poster
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