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King Kong Escapes (1967)

King Kong Escapes (1967)
Resolution: 1108x1635
King Kong Escapes, (released in Japan as King Kong's Counterattack (キングコングの逆襲 Kingu Kongu no Gyakushū?), is a 1967 Kaiju (large monster) film. A Japanese/American co-production from Toho (Japan) and Rankin/Bass (USA). Directed by Ishiro Honda and featuring special effects by Eiji Tsuburaya, the film starred both American actors (such as Rhodes Reason and Linda Miller) alongside Japanese actors (such as Akira Takarada, Mie Hama and Eisei Amamoto). The film was a loose adaptation of the Rankin/Bass Saturday morning cartoon series The King Kong Show and was the second and final Japanese-made film featuring the character King Kong.
King Kong Escapes, 1967, Ishirô Honda, Rhodes Reason, Mie Hama, Linda Miller, Akira Takarada, Hideyo Amamoto, キングコングの逆襲, 本多猪四郎, 宝田明, 浜美枝, 北竜二, 広瀬正一, 沢村いき雄, 黒部進, animal film, monster, King Kong
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