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Paksa wayu (2004)

Paksa wayu (Garuda) (2004)
Resolution: 427x602
Garuda (in Thailand known as Paksa wayu) is a 2004 Thai Kaiju film. It is considered to be Thailand's first Giant Monster/Kaiju movie by fans of the genre.

In 2005, Bangkok begins the second phase of building their city subway system. But they accidentally discover something more. They have awoken an ancient animal which hibernates for more than ten thousand years. The army has to use the troops to block the construction site of the subway in order to detain the monster. The special soldiers are sent to fight with the monster. Even with their hi-tech military hardware, they are still unable to stop the monster. The mythological monster, a garuda, escapes from the tunnel, and begins to terrorize the city of Bangkok.
Paksa wayu, Garuda, 2004, Monthon Arayangkoon, Sornram Theppitak, Sara Legge, Dan Fraser, Chalad Na Songkhla, Yani Tramod, Phairote Sangwaribut, Thai poster, animal film, monster
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