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Altered Species (2001)

Altered Species (2001)
Resolution: 2000x2615
Altered Species is a 2001 horror film, about a scientist who has found a way to regenerate damaged tissue in the body. He has tried his experiment on rats, but the effects are disastrous. One of them grows to 50 times its normal size, and attempts to destroy the laboratory.

On a moonlit night, in a remote research laboratory, a major medical breakthrough is about to have deadly results. A chemical compound that was created to "hunt and destroy" deadly cancer cells has leaked from the hazardous waste disposal system into the building's basement. Now, the rodents involved in the laboratory experiment upstairs are not the only rats in the facility that will become the altered species. Professor Schultz, a leading bio-researcher, has just determined that the addition of a new enzyme now enables his "hunt and destroy" formulation to regenerate for the length of time necessary to neutralize deadly cancer tumors. When three varying degrees of the new mixture are administered to three different rats and the rest poured down the faulty "Waste Hazard" sink, shocking side-effects result in a night of terror...
Altered Species, 2001, Serge Rodnunsky, Allen Lee Haff, Richard Peterson, Alexandra Townsend, Leah Rowan, Guy Vieg, Robert Broughton, Derek Hofman, David Bradley, animal film, monster, rat
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