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Bloodwaters of Dr. Z (1975)

Bloodwaters of Dr. Z (Zaat) (1975)
Resolution: 1929x2929
Zaat (also known as The Blood Waters of Dr. Z, Hydra (Canadian bootleg title), Attack of the Swamp Creatures (US bootleg title) and Legend of the Zaat Monster (proposed re-release title) is a 1971 cult movie.

A mad scientist transforms himself into an aquatic killer.

A mad scientist (and apparent former Nazi) unleashes his master plan: to transform himself into a mutated walking catfish, gain revenge on those who have spurned him, and kidnap nubile young women to similarly transform so that he can breed. Or something like that.
Bloodwaters of Dr. Z, Zaat, 1975, Don Barton, Marshall Grauer, Wade Popwell, Paul Galloway, Gerald Cruse, Dave Dickerson, Sanna Ringhaver, Rich Valliere, Archie Valliere, Nancy Lien, Russell Holcomb, Gloria Brady, Del Galloway, Hal Nearhoof, Jim Merrill, Elizabeth Barton, Bob Knowles, animal film, monster, fishman
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