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Skeeter (1993)

Skeeter (1993)
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Skeeter is a 1993 horror film starring Jim Youngs, and Tracy Griffith, directed by Clark Brandon. The film was released in 1993, with the first video premiere being on April 06, 1994.

As the result of a corrupt businessman's illegal toxic waste dumping, a small desert town is beset by a deadly swarm of huge bloodthirsty mutant mosquitoes!

Another ecological disaster results in mosquitoes growing to the size of bats (very rubbery, non-scary bats). Of course they have to suck a lot of blood. Humans have to find a way to fight back.
Skeeter, 1993, Clark Brandon, Tracy Griffith, Jay Robinson, William Sanderson, Jim Youngs, Charles Napier, Michael J. Pollard, Eloy Casados, John Putch, Saxon Trainor, Stacy Edwards, John F. Goff, George 'Buck' Flower, Buck Flower, Michael D'Agosta, Eric Lawson, Lindsay Fisher, animal film, monster, mosquito
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