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Reptilicus (1961)

Reptilicus (1961)
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Reptilicus, a giant monster film about a fictional prehistoric reptile, is a Danish-American co-production, produced by American International Pictures and Saga Studios, and is—upon close examination—two distinctly different films helmed by two different directors. The original version, which was shot in Danish, was directed by Danish director Poul Bang and released in Denmark on February 25, 1961. The American version, which was in English with a nearly identical cast, was directed by the film's American producer-director Sidney W. Pink; this version was initially deemed virtually unreleasable by American International Pictures and had to be extensively reworked by the film's Danish-American screenwriter, Ib Melchior, before being finally released in America in 1962.

A portion of the tail of a prehistoric reptile is discovered in Denmark. It regenerates into the entire reptile, which proceeds to destroy buildings and property and generally make a nuisance of itself. It can fly, swim, and walk, and has impenetrable scales, which makes it difficult to kill.
Reptilicus, 1961, Poul Bang, Sidney W. Pink, Dirch Passer, Carl Ottosen, Ann Smyrner, Mimi Heinrich, Asbjørn Andersen, Bodil Miller, Bent Mejding, Asbjorn Andersen, Povl Wøldike, Poul Wildaker, Marlies Behrens, Marla Behrens, Ole Wisborg, Birthe Wilke, Mogens Brandt, Kjeld Petersen, animal film, monster, serpent
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