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Octopus 1 (2000)

Octopus 1 (Octopus) (2000)
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Octopus is a 2000 action film produced by Nu Image that premiered on the USA Network in the summer of 2000. The movie stars Jay Harrington, David Beecroft, Ricco Ross, and has a brief, but significant appearrance by poet Jeff Nuttall. It was followed by a sequel, Octopus 2: River of Fear, in 2001.

During the Cuban Missle Crisis, a Russian sub is sunk while en route to Havana. As the sub goes down, the hold is breached and barrels full of some mysterious substance tumble out. Years later, an American nuclear submarine is transporting a captured terrorist to the States. The terrorist's henchmen, however, are planning to hijack the sub and rescue their leader. Meanwhile, a large, unidentified creature is approaching the sub at high speed...
Octopus 1, Octopus, 2000, Dead Eye Six, John Eyres, Jay Harrington, Ravil Isyanov, David Beecroft, Carolyn Lowery, Ricco Ross, Jeff Nuttall, George Stanchev, Martin McDougall, Vasil Banov, Nikolai Urumov, Krasimer Vankov, Michail Elenov, Michael Elenov, Velislaya Stoyanova, Kristina Krasteva, Marianne Stanicheva, Mariana Stanisheva, animal film, monster, octopus
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