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Mulberry Street (2006)

Mulberry Street (2006)
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Mulberry Street is a 2006 horror film that was released by After Dark Films as a part of their 8 Films to Die For 2007. It was released on DVD in the United States on March 18, 2008. The United Kingdom DVD was retitled Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street.

A deadly infection breaks out in Manhattan, causing humans to devolve into blood-thirsty rat creatures. Six recently evicted tenants must survive the night and protect their downtown apartment building as the city quickly spirals out of control.
Mulberry Street, 2006, Jim Mickle, Nick Damici, Kim Blair, Bo Corre, Ron Brice, Tim House, Larry Fleischman, Larry Medich, Javier Picayo, Antone Pagan, John Hoyt, Lou Torres, Sarah Dickinson, Heidi Peterson, Jim Heater, Rodney Gray, animal film, rat
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