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The Legacy (1978)

The Legacy (1978)
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The Legacy is a 1978 British-American horror film directed by Richard Marquand and starring Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott.

Maggie Walsh (Ross) and her boyfriend Pete Danner (Elliott) are interior decorators from Los Angeles, California. They are called to England by a potential client, sight unseen. At first they hesitate since both are already booked to do work for someone in Los Angeles, only a few days post. Suddenly they get a phone call that their local customer has had a fatal accident, which seems awfully coincidental to Pete. Nonetheless, he tags along with Maggie to work for their latest client, who has prepaid Maggie's airfare. ...
The Legacy, 1978, Richard Marquand, Katharine Ross, Sam Elliott, Roger Daltrey, John Standing, Ian Hogg, The Legacy of Maggie Walsh, animal film, cat
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