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Day of the Animals (1977)

Day of the Animals (1977)
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The Day of the Animals is a 1977 American horror film thriller directed by William Girdler and based on a story written by Edward L. Montoro. Premiering on May 13, 1977, the movie reunited stars Christopher George and Richard Jaeckel, director Girdler and producer Montoro from the previous year's hit film Grizzly.

A battle for survival as hikers encounter a chemically imbalanced forest.
Day of the Animals, 1977, William Girdler, Leslie Nielsen, Lynda Day George, Jon Cedar, Christopher George, Richard Jaeckel, Michael Ansara, Ruth Roman, Paul Mantee, Walter Barnes, Andrew Stevens, Susan Backlinie, Kathleen Bracken, Bobby Porter, Michelle Stacy, Michael Andreas, animal film
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