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The Strange World of Planet X (1958)

The Strange World of Planet X (Cosmic Monsters) (The Cosmic Monster) (1958)
Resolution: 1901x2885
The Strange World of Planet X (1958) is a British science fiction horror film, and a cautionary tale about science. It was also known as Cosmic Monsters, The Crawling Terror, The Cosmic Monster, and The Crawling Horror.

A friendly visitor from outer space warns against conducting experiments with the Earth's magnetic field, that could mutate insects into giant monsters.

At a small, rural British lab, monomaniac Dr. Laird and his staff create ultra-intense magnetic fields. Inexplicably, the apparatus seems to be affecting distant objects, and to be drawing "extra power" from...somewhere. One night, after a "freak" storm, strange and deadly things start happening in Bryerly Woods, and a strange man from "a long way off" appears in the district...concerned about Laird's pulling down disaster from the skies.
The Strange World of Planet X, Cosmic Monsters, The Cosmic Monster, 1958, Gilbert Gunn, Forrest Tucker, Gaby André, Martin Benson, Wyndham Goldie, Wyndam Goldie, Alec Mango, Hugh Latimer, Geoffrey Chater, Patricia Sinclair, animal film, monster, spider
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