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20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)

20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)
Resolution: 1573x2389
20 Million Miles to Earth is a 1957 American science fiction film written by Bob Williams and Christopher Knopf from an original treatment by Charlott Knight. The film was produced by Charles H. Schneer's Morningside Productions for Columbia Pictures and directed by Nathan H. Juran. As with several other Schneer-Columbia collaborations, it was developed to showcase the stop-motion animation talents of Ray Harryhausen.

The first U.S. spaceship to Venus crash-lands off the coast of Sicily on its return trip. A dangerous, lizard-like creature comes with it and quickly grows gigantic. The first spaceship to visit Venus crash lands in the sea, freeing a small native Venusian creature called the Ymir. Eventually growing to enormous size, it threatens the city of Rome.

20 Million Miles to Earth, 1957, Nathan Juran, William Hopper, Joan Taylor, Thomas Browne Henry, Frank Puglia, John Zaremba, Thomas B. Henry, Tito Vuolo, Jan Arvan, Arthur Space, Bart Braverman, Bart Bradley, Sid Cassel, James Dime, Noel Drayton, Darlene Fields, Michael Garth, Ray Harryhausen, George Khoury, Saverio LoMedico, Rollin Moriyama, Don Orlando, George Pelling, Jerry Riggio, Barry Russo, John Sorrentino, William Woodson, animal film, monster, Ymir
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