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Some Helpful Notes on this Archive

Some Tips for searching the Animal Pictures Archive

  1. The search is case-insensitive.
  2. The mutiple search keywords act as Sequential AND. For example, provided that your keywords are "purple finch", the result will include "purple_finch.jpg", "PurpleFinch_05.jpg", ... as correct answers and "purple-chestedGouldianFinch.jpg", "purple-breastedgouldianfinch.jpg" ... as garbage answers.
  3. Use singular noun rather than plural as a keyword. (The CGI script is a simple string matching program between your query and the file name which commonly consists of some description and singular form of the animal name.) For example, if you find "wolves" rather than "wolf", you will only get dozens of images among hundreds of "wolf" images in the archive.
  4. Have you ever tried some broad terms such as fish, bird, bug, dino(saur), and snake? Also there are some specific terms such as WFF and SAFARI, the names of which are not yet described.
  5. It's also worth trying synonyms in some cases. For example, COUGAR is also known as PANTHER or PUMA (In fact, PANTHER commonly refers to large black cats such as leopard, jaguar, cougar, or puma with black fur).
  6. If you are not sure the animal name, use part of the animal name you sure. For example, if you remember PANDA as PANTHA, the search results might not contain any PANDA image. Trying PAN rather than PANTHA will show you the correct information, though the results may also contain many unwanted garbages.

Dealing with "UUENCODE"d image

    This archive supports image DOWNLOAD via Mail. The image sent to you through the Internet mail is "uuencode"d and may be seen as odd character stream. There are several ways to view the encoded image.
    1. Netscape's Mail : If you receive your mail with Netscape's Mail, you may see the image directly without any operation. (Recommended)
    2. Microsoft OutLook : This also decodes the image automatically for you. (Recommended)
    3. uudecode : This utility decodes the "uuencode"d file. You can download it from your nearby FTP server. Most UNIX systems also have this utility. If not, download it now ( - 53kb).

How do I build this archive...

Suggested Titles for the Animal Pictures Archive

I once minded to change my site title. Many people said that "Leave as it is! The name says itself.". I did and do it :)
You can see the suggested titles.

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