Suggested Titles for Animal Pictures Archive

I had decided to change the site title for the Animal Pictures Archive, and many people kindly sent me suggestions. However, more than half of them said "Leave as it is!". Thus I decided to leave as it is, "Animal Pictures Archive".

I hope the following list of suggested titles help those who will create new web sites for the Animal Kingdom.

Suggested Titles

  • ANIMAL BIN (stands for
  • Animal Friends Photos
  • Animalia Photographica
  • Animal Images Galaxy
  • Animal Images Universe
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Animal-ology
  • Animal Photorama
  • Animal World
  • Animal World Images
  • Animania
  • Animarchive
  • Animatography
  • Animography
  • Animultimedia
  • AniPhoto
  • AniPIX
  • Fauangraphics
  • Faunagraphy
  • Faunaology
  • Faunaphotos
  • Wild Imagery
  • Zoographica (or Zoo-Graphica)
  • ZooHoo (stands for Zoo Yahoo?)
  • Zootopia
  • Zoolia
  • Zooneer
  • Zoonior

Thanks for all the kind people.

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