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Animal Pictures Archive
Copyright Notice and Conditions of Use

To the copyright holders and photographers
The images in my warehouse of animal pictures are collected from the newsgroups, such as, and Although I have got permissions for most of the images, it't possible that still there are some copyright-violating images in my site. If you see any illegal use of your image(s) in the archive, please notify the copyright to me. If you want to remove it, I'll do it at once.

To whom wanna use images in the archive
Let's think about the copyright of digital images. Scanners are cheaper than ever and widespread these days. Many people scan images from books, journals, magazines, newspapers, their own photographs, etc. Furthermore, the digital cameras have started to contribute to the huge amount of the Internet digital images. To whom should the copyright be given? Surely, the PHOTOGRAPHER! not the person who scanned it. In fact, I have heard that, scanning images from published material itself is illegal.

As you may see, however, it is difficult to find the photographer in many cases. Then, in this archive, how can you contact the photographer or copyright holder? Most images in the archive accompanies its own description file, which contains who is the poster and where it came from, and in some cases who is the photographer. When you view images, the description file will be displayed below the image you see. If you want use it for your web pages or for other purposes, please contact the poster, the photographer, or the copyright holder.

The Webmaster is NOT the copyright holder for those images in the archive. Thus you should not ask the webmaster the conditions of use of the images you want. As mentioned above, you should contact the poster or photographer.

Most photographers do not want their images to be used without any prior permission. The following posting shows such a case.

From: "Donn Ault" <>
Subject: Re: Copyright law on pics...
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 01:32:54 -0800
Message-ID: <34aa1156.0@concord>

I'm sorry to say that this is no longer a discussion of a
problem of major importance, but rather an argument.
Arguments are pointless. I'll say a last few words and
call it quits without any hard fealings.

There is a direct corelation between todays internet
and the video taping of the last decade.  The video
taping of television (and other things too) was
strictly illegal!  The VCR was advertised and sold
with the premise that it would be used in
conjunction with a video tape camera or to play
pre-recorded tapes.  The ability to tape tv programs
soon was introduced and many argued that this
violated copyright.  Everyone argued about it for
years.  Because the VCR had become so pervasive
new laws were enacted to make the "personal" taping
of tv explicity legal.  This law and others like it made
a previously illegal activity legal.  It also took away
some potential money from the copyright holders.  In
response laws were passed that required a fee to be
assessed when you buy any kind of blank recordable

This is exactly the kind of situation we have now on
the internet.  I don't like the situation or think it is right
but it DOES exist.  We can work to change it, fix it, or
live with it.  But we can't ignore it.  Will the VCR solution
work on the Internet?  No.  But some solution must
be found.  I don't want my programs and pictures
used without permission anymore than you would.

Donn Ault

Do you want to use some images for commercial purposes? Contact the poster and ask him/her for the copyright things. If you can't contact either the poster or photographer, you'd better give up using the image commercially.

Do you want to use some images in your web page personally or for educational purposes? Even in these cases, you should contact the copyright holders. If you can't find any way to contact him or her, you should notify where the image came from (usually the newsgroup, not this archive) and who posted it - strictly to say, this method is also illegal.

Hope this helps.

Any comment to Webmaster

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