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  Category: Images Names

File Name: enda09tv.avi
Format: AVI
File Size: 1,664Kb


From Dangerous Creatures CD. The last Tasmanian wolf. Since this Tasmaian wolf died in 1933, we can't see the wonderful animal anymore in this planet - though the natives believe that Tasmanian wolf STILL lives in the deep jungle.
Dangerous Creatures CD 중에서. 마지막 태즈매니아 늑대. 이 태즈매니아 늑대가 1933년에 죽은 이래 이제 지구상에는 영원히 볼 수 없는 존재가 되어버렸다 - 비록 태즈매니아 원주민들은 그들의 늑대가 깊은 정글속에 아직 살아있다고 믿지만.


From: (GAAslin)
Newsgroups: alt.binaries.multimedia
Subject: Dangerous Creatures - The last tasmanian wolf - enda09tv.avi (0/4)
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 04:43:40 GMT

181 frames	18,1sec.
87K/sec	interleaved
IV32	240x180x24	10fps
mono	22,050 Khz 	8bits

108 - films - Dangerous Creatures CD

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